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16. října 2020

Good morning! I am Katya(30 years old) russian mtf transsexual (transwoman) and I have a history of agp. I have struggled with my identity and sexuality for many years, and I have started to transition recently. Sexology in my country is underdeveloped and I have studied western sexology in order to understand myself (Blanchard, Cantor). I have found that Blanchard was a Kurt Freund's student and Freund is a founder of the czech sexology, so I started to study it and I am fascinated by it. There is no such thing as a concept of 'agp' or 'courtship disorder' in russian sexology at all, but I find them very useful. I am fascinated how chech sexologists study exhibitionism, voyeurism, courthip of people with such paraphilias. I have interest in these studies because I have always felt that I have anomaly of courtship . I know a lot of transwomen who claim that they never had normative male courtship. In my case I always felt that I have "feminine" courtship . I unconsciously demonstrate female coyness and other feminine gender signs during different stage of courtship. So I think that there is some 'feminization' of sexuality in the autogynephilia. I think that biological agp man can like other woman, but they don't have masculine courthsip, that's why I date men, because with them I can be a woman and I enjoy female role in courtship, for me it is very important. Are there czech studeis of the courtships behaviors of mtf transsexuals or transvestites? I think it is very interesting topic. Also it is interesting that in canadian sexology gender identity is secondary to sexual orientation (Blanchard thinks that feminine gender identity is secondary to agp), but in my country sexologists think that sexual orientation is secondary to gender identity. My sexologist claims that my elements of agp arousal and female courtship behaviours are due to feminine gender identity. What are ideais of czech sexologists on that matter?
Also I whole-heartedly support your project, I think that people with all paraphilias should live happy productive and law abiding life.


Good morning, Katya!

Thank you for your support, it means a lot for us. According to the czech sexologist prof. Petr Weiss, there are no Czech researchers on that topic. Czech sexology consider the transsexuality to be the gender identity disorder (F64.0 in ICD 10) and autogynephilia (Blanchard´s) to be a paraphilia (near of the transvestitism, F65.1 in ICD 10).

MUDr. Vrzáčková also says that we differ between the gender identity and sexual orientation and treat them as two separate units and that if you identify yourself as a person of feminine gender, there is a bigger probability that your courtship behaviours would be feminine too.

Best wishes,

the team of project Paraphile